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May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

Have you ever doubted yourself? If you're anything like me then you might doubt yourself all the time. This is normal, but it shouldn't be. We doubt our abilities, our worthiness, our strengths, and so much more. When the truth is we are so much more. Doing a boudoir shoot may not have been on the top of your list, but YOU should be at the top of your list. 

One of the main reasons I got into boudoir photography was to help women finally see themselves in a different light. In a world of selfies and friends snapping candids, how many times have you said, "Ew I hate that one, let's take another." And you end up taking a dozen photos for maybe that one you like, but now your friend doesn't like it. "You better not post that!" is a phrase I know I've heard more than once, and have said more than once! 

But why do we feel that way? We're a society of self conscious people. Most people blame it on the media and magazines, but we help perpetuate the impossible beauty standards we feel like are held over our heads. I read an article several years ago about a woman approaching age 40, realizing she had so few photos of herself in her 20s and 30s. She described a lifetime of lens dodging and begging friends and family members not to post photos of her to social media. Why? Because she didn't like the way she looked. She said she felt overweight and unattractive.


Now that she's older she has regrets that she doesn't have documentation of all the important events in her life. Because she didn't want to be in photos, it appears as if she wasn't there. Of course she has the memories, but looking back on the smiling faces of her friends and family is a painful reminder of how much she hated her body and avoided cameras like the plague. 

As someone who has has struggled with body image issues their whole life, I can relate to the woman in that article. I had very few photos of myself that I loved. That's why photography means so much to me. It's my mission to make sure that you have photos of you that you love.


And if you're thinking you're not brave enough, attractive enough, strong enough, worthy enough, strong enough to do a boudoir shoot, I'm here to tell you that's wrong. YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are enough now, and always. That's why I put one of my favorite quotes as the header to this section. You can own confidence whether you think you have it or not. You can do anything you want to do in this world, you will, and no one can stop you. They can only watch in awe. You are strong. Get it girl!


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Who me?! Well, I shamelessly adore

The Golden Girls. And coffee :) I love cooking for friends and family, watching true crime shows, visiting new places, thrift shopping, and craft beer. I'm a huge nerd for historical fiction, especially about English royalty. I love animals too and have a little orange kitty named Ella. I also have a loving and supportive husband who is my biggest fan. And I like to think I'm your biggest fan.  :)


It would be a sincere pleasure to be your photographer. ❤

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